Maybe You Should Use Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors. Just Maybe.

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I love photography and furniture photography is something I prize and treasure. I love seeing them on the lawn, by the gates or wherever they’re photogenic. Outdoor furniture is not just for the outdoors, mind you. They’re also effective and stylish interior design pieces.21

Why Outdoor Furniture?

Meant to be placed and outlast the weather and natural wear and tear, outdoor furniture is meant to be stylish. At the same time, they’re almost invincible to anything and very easy to clean.

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture could look good as new after months or even years after their purchase. Indoor leather sofas and wooden chairs couldn’t say anything against outdoor furniture.

They’re Actually Cheaper

Outdoor furniture designs are often simple, unless you’re working with a professional furniture designer. A new set of outdoor sofas that could withstand the winter is probably around $200-250, a lower price compared to the $500-600 range of indoor seats that spoil after a single spill.

Outdoor furniture is cheaper and simpler, but their designs are the cornerstones of most designer furniture available. It’s very basic and they’re made from very strong materials.


They were meant to be placed outside. Even if you use them indoors, you could always bring them outside to fulfill their intended goal.

A Family Heirloom

Now you might think it’s a bit farfetched, but using it as a family heirloom is definitely something you could do with outdoor furniture. Due to their sturdy quality and good make, they could be passed from you, to your son’s family, to your grandson’s family, and so on.

Of course, always select material that could really last for years. These materials are often easy to maintain and repair. Just don’t choose plastic, unless it’s very elegant and pleasing to the eyes.

It’s Actually Healthy For You

There’s a time that I have designed a room for a family. The mother of this family couldn’t be thankful enough for me. A week later, her husband calls me. He said that the furniture is so expensive and beautiful that they couldn’t permit anybody to sit on it.

I said to myself that such an idea defeats the purpose of owning a furniture at home. It is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to lose its value for the sake of comfort and security. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to think so when it comes to buying furniture.

It’s healthy when you don’t have to worry about anything. Outdoor furniture could be spilled with liquid, stepped on, caked with mud, pooped on by a dog or a baby or even kicked around, and you’d only see minor damages. Trust me, I have one inside my house.


Don’t be fooled when they say that outdoor furniture is only meant to be outside your home. When you buy a single set, you aren’t buying just one. You’re buying a personal set for both your outdoors and indoors, and you’re buying a furniture piece that could last for half to a full decade.

Bonus tip: Always remember to check the manufacturer of these furniture. Never buy from untrusted sources unless they show you how durable their material and make really are.

Energy Saving Interior Design. Yes, It’s Possible!

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Interior design should have balance in all arenas, and one of them should be energy efficiency. Today, the cost of gas, oil and electricity is astounding due to inflation. With some great energy and environment saving designs, you’ll surely save money while making your home environmentally-friendly and beautiful.


  1. Paint

Every color has energy. Lighter colors will reflect heat from objects or walls that retain heat. Warmer colors like red, orange or yellow helps absorb the heat from both inside and outside the house. A red room with an air-conditioner would definitely benefit from this energy saving tip.

The best places to apply warmer-colored paint would be:

  • the attic
  • the basement
  • the living room
  • the garage
  1. Glazed Windows

Double-glazed and triple-glazed windows will help you dispel the outside temperature and maintain the temperature indoors. Covering your windows with dense material or blinds will help reduce the amount of sunlight coming inside your room.

One great technique for glazed windows would to purchase ones with the highest rating. They often have some of the greatest styles for windows. While they might be more expensive than other brands, they could certainly hand you large returns for your savings.

  1. Flooring

When you walk outside during a hot summer day, it’s not the sun that actually drains you, but the ground itself. Inside your house, your flooring absorbs and retains heat. When there is a temperature drop, the floor releases this energy. This explains why after rainfall, it feels hotter than before the rain began.

Using concrete for your flooring is inevitable, but keeping it at room temperature with the help of tip number two will do great for you energy savings endeavors. There’s plenty of stylish flooring available today.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Fluorescent and incandescent lamps have been used in plenty of lamps, ceiling lights and chandeliers. They’ve been very stylish, and they’ve got great options for dimming and ambient lighting. However, newer LED technologies allow you to have a light that consumes only 1/3 of what a fluorescent lamp consumes. While the number of LED designs and functions are still limited, they’re guaranteed to cut your light bills by half. A seven-watt LED bulb provides a large amount of savings compared to a 23-watt bulb that lights the room the same way.

  1. Furniture

Furniture with a high back or a skirt at the bottom helps reduce the temperature drafts in a room. It also helps to re-arrange your furniture to preserve the room temperature. Make sure that the windflow is blocked or passes through your home effectively if you want to preserve or expel the outside room temperature.


There’s many ways for you to make your home energy efficient. It’s a matter of preserving the temperature inside your house and expelling the outside temperature. If you’re using this tip from outside of Western countries, make sure the outside temperature flows smoothly inside your home.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to save lots more on energy while maintaining an elegant home, consider purchasing energy-saving appliances. These are sure to cut your utility expenses by half.

7 Tips For Designing a Contemporary Conservatory

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When we are talking about contemporary designs, people will always think that we are aiming for a modern concept with the sense of technology that is everywhere around us. Well, that is basically true. Especially because people nowadays are more specific when it comes to their home interiors and designs are adapting to these changes.

So they have considered having a conservatory at home – for a greenhouse or a sun parlour perhaps? It is always good to remember that the kind of conservatory is always up to you and your preferences and if you have already decided of having one.

Here are modern contemporary conservatory tips that you can follow:

Check your space in advance.

It would be useless when you have planned of having a conservatory for a long time when you don’t have enough space to install it. It’s a good idea as well for you to see how small or huge or conservatory would be.

Use your imagination.

As mentioned, you will have a conservatory design based on your own choice. Think of all the components of a conservatory that you wish to have. Start with the roof, the glass walls and if you’ll add blinds. Installing perfect fit blinds could make your stay at your conservatory comfortable even on a hot summer or the cold winter.

Look for inspiration.

You can always choose designs from the magazines or the web if you really don’t have an idea with what to do for your dream conservatory. There would be a lot of options that would be offered to you. Plus, you will be given helpful ideas as well.

Consult with an expert.

It’s always best when you consult with an expert since they have a lot of ideas about what to do and how to design. They can provide the kind of information you’ve always wanted which can actually match your style and preferences as well.

Work with a concept.

Would you add plants all over the place? Or perhaps, a lot of furniture for you to have a place where you can gather your family and friends? Just try to think what your conservatory could be useful for.

Focus on your pieces.

This works with your concept. After choosing one, keep in mind that you have to choose items that would make your conservatory beautiful and not the other way around. There are actually a lot of options that you can choose from in the market especially because of the modern changes that we have come to adapt.

Choose whatever kind of furniture that you want, whether it’s wicker or leather. For the plants, if you really want to make a conservatory garden then you can have anything. Having no drill blinds are on the trend nowadays as well, you can install them so easily especially when you still need to provide privacy for your home.

Just keep in mind to follow your instincts and do not be afraid to be unique and try new things to have the kind of conservatory that you want.

Plantation Shutters – The Modern Window Furnishing

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A component you can concentrate on your home are the windows. They are focal points that you can enhance to then improve the overall look of your interiors. And if you want a modern take on window design, there is no other that you should look into but this kind of furnishing.

London plantation shutters are sturdy coverings that are installed within the window frames. They are important when talking of both beauty and function. First off, there are many designs and colours that you can choose from. They are made of various materials as well, so the range is certainly wide and extensive. Purpose wise, shutters in general are very useful. Do you want to block unwanted light? Well, you can do with the help of plantation shutters. The brightness of the sun and other street posts outside of your home will surely be obstructed, more so if you are sleeping in your room. These window furnishings are big when it comes to security and privacy as well. As they cover up the inside, they get to hide you and your belongings from the public eye. This is very beneficial because, of course, who wants to have people, especially strangers, look in into their abode? With that, there is just no concealment that is needed for a comfortable and safe home. The worst case scenario is you are opening yourself to theft or some other crime when you just leave your windows without coverings.

There are five options that you can pick out from depending on your style. These are Full Height, Café Style, Tier on Tier, Solid Panels and Special Shapes. If you want to go safe and standard, you could go for Full Height. It is basically what its name says; it covers the entire length of the window frame. It is one unit that is divided into two with a rail. Slats fill the shutters and these can then be operated, either manually or automatically with a remote. Tier and Tier is similar to the Full Height but with two sets of louvres. When you open or close them, it is necessary that you take the whole panel too. Solid Panels, on the other hand, are with no parallel slats but they are simply just blocks that cover the windows. You can go for this kind if you would like total silence and blackout. These are good for bedrooms and nurseries. Café Style is a choice you can take if you want some light and a view from the inside, since it is a type that leaves a small opening for the entry of the said elements. This is usually at the top part, while the bottom area is left with louvres, still for protection and seclusion. And for those with windows that have unconventional shapes and sizes, Special Shapes are shutters that can be made to fit them. It is understandable that such windows exist for style. Hence, there are customised plantation shutters for them.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

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When asked of their favorite part of the house, the majority of people’s answers would be the bedroom. Well, it is unfounded as the bedroom is the place of privacy and solitude. It is usually where you are most comfortable and relaxed, and in there, you have all your precious belongings from clothes and whatnot. It is your own sanctuary.

It takes no genius to know that everyone, regardless of gender and age, have their dream room – that specific design they want to emulate with items that they also desire to have.

Here are modern bedroom ideas you can follow:

Follow a color scheme. Think of your favorite color and work your way around it. This is a common method that people follow when they decide to design or redesign their rooms. For example, if your chosen color is blue, do not just use one shade but learn to vary and contrast. Your wall can be lighter, and then employ a darker one for the bed sheets. Gold, silver, black and white can be hues you can decide on if you are talking modern.

Use patterns. Sometimes everyone’s perception for plain is boring. If so, you can go ahead and use prints and patterns like florals and stripes to raise oomph and energy into the design.

Experiment. If you are part of the few who would like to go for unconventional and eccentric designs, you can play with different colors but keep in mind to balance and soften the room’s overall look.

Come up with a concept. You might want to have a space full of antique and historic things because you are into vintage, or perhaps you want a jungle type bedroom. Either way, generating a motif you prefer can help in the designing process.

Arrange wisely. Create a layout for the positioning of all your things. Maximize the use of the area like placing your bed to one side so that space can be allocated for a mini sitting area, maybe.

Choose accentuated pieces. Furniture can enhance the whole appearance and aura of the room. There are items available in the market that will fit to your concept. In the case of modern design, sleek and refreshing pieces from beds, side tables, chairs to lamps are out there (though these up to date ones tend to be pricey at most).

Invest in window treatments. Window blinds can give great value and beauty to a room. These come in varying colors and styles as well. They are not only beneficial appearance-wise, but they are functional; they provide privacy, protection and shade.

Manchester blinds are of high quality and excellence and they will surely be apposite for your bedroom needs.

Whatever plan you end up with, the most important thing is to go with your preferences. Be unique and do not be afraid to try out diverse things. Do some research for more know-how and advice before you shop so that transactions are smooth. Compute your budget so that purchasing would be easier and to avoid overspending.

Planning to Renovate

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home renovationRenovation on any part of the home is a major decision for a family. Before one finally decides to have the bathroom renovated, it is important to take note of some useful advice which can save both money and effort. It is also vital to take note of the pros and cons of the postponing or pushing through with the renovation.

So, you want a new look for your bathroom? Where to start? What to purchase? What do you need? Who should you talk to? These are the many questions that assault your mind when you are considering having your bathroom renovated. Who would not be nervous with the amount of money that you will be spending? But before you go on pointing to every tile, bathroom fixture and modern bathroom vanity, make sure that you are getting the appropriate design for the look you want to achieve. Below are some useful advices that you should take seriously to avoid unnecessary expenses:

Do not Rush. You can take time as much as you want to. No one is rushing you to have your bathroom renovated. There is no deadline to beat. Unless your bathroom sink and tiles needs repair, then you can take as much time as you want before deciding. Sometimes, by postponing, you see some additional problems that also need attention, making it the top priority before any other part of the house.

Look Around. Flip through interior design magazines and show rooms. Ask the sales agent for the materials that you see and like at show rooms you visit. This will give you a general idea on what to choose when it comes to your own bathroom renovation. Ask about the durability of the bathroom fixtures, the advantages and disadvantages of each and try to compare prices as you go along. You can also do this when you browse online for renovation supplies. This way, you have a better perspective on how much your renovation will cost you. This will also help you decide which materials to get depending on your preference.

Cut out specific designs or equipment that you liked from magazines. This will help you in the future when talking to an interior designer. Describing what you want to use photos and cut outs will make instructions clear and will prevent miscommunication. You can also save the links of the designs that you see on the web for future reference and easy detailing.

From these data and information, figure out what you want or how your bathroom would look after the renovation. Make some sketches or drawings if you can. If plumbing will need to be moved, make sure that this is the first thing accomplished. Plumbing should be the first thing to move before additional installations or equipment be made.

If you have children, advise and instruct the children on the changes that is going to happen and what they should expect and do when the construction for the bathroom renovation starts. For smaller children, ask a nearby relative for a place to stay for the kids. This is especially necessary when one or more members of the family are highly sensitive to dust that may be emitted from renovating any part of the house.

Check contractor’s background, credentials and reputation. If you have the time, talk to successful contractor’s clients and ask if you can see the results of his recommendations. This will give you a better idea whether you chose a professional contractor or not. In addition, this will prevent future problems should you hire someone with a not-so-good reputation. Ask for their credentials. This is one way of ensuring that you are dealing with the professionals.

Consult with the contractor for budget preparation. Ask the contractor for the total amount of expenditures that you will be spending. It will help you prepare and gather the necessary amount of money or limit your choices within your financial capability. Make sure that you allocate an additional amount of the contingency should there be any problems that will come up during the renovation process.

Prepare for changes. Should your plans need to undergo changes, be ready for them, especially when you are renovating on a limited budget. Cost of materials fluctuates and change from time to time that it is always advisable to be ready for alternatives. Have another contractor ready that will be ready to take on an unfinished project at a short notice. Indeed, to have your bathroom renovated is a major task for the home. Adequate time in planning the changes should be taken into account to avoid unnecessary costs.

Choosing the Right Patio Furniture

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patio furnitureThe patio serves many purposes. It acts as a receiving area for your guests as well as a place to bond with friends over coffee or tea. It is also a spot in the house where you can read in peace or doze off in the afternoon breeze. You can very well appreciate the beauty of nature around you as you gaze at your garden landscape. As such, you may find it challenging to look for the right patio furniture. Here are some things to consider:

Surf the internet for ideas and samples. The internet is equipped with information in helping you choose the right furniture for your patio. You can very well get ideas from there and match your preferences with the design of your home and garden. You can actually compare prices and shop for your patio furniture conveniently!

Consult with a local garden design coventry. It is always best to consult with your local garden designers. They can provide valuable information outright based on their experience and professional skills. Hearing an expert’s opinion will help you get the right furniture and match your style with a unique design for your garden.

Visit local shops. If you have the time, you can visit your local shops for patio furniture. You can try to sit down on the furniture and feel how comfortable they will be in order to help you decide. The advantage with visiting a local shop is that you can view the products and inspect them for any flaw, preventing time loss for product returns.

Choose easy-to-maintain patio furniture. Choose something that you know you can very well maintain alone, without any help. This way, you can enjoy the furniture for a long period of time without the hassle of contacting professionals to maintain your furniture.

Allocate a storage space. One of the benefits you get when you avail the services of landscape gardeners  coventry is that they usually advise you to allocate a storage space for patio furniture that you may find to be out of place or out of style. It may not necessarily mean that you have to dispose the furniture by selling or giving them away, the storage space may also be needed for keeping the furniture that you want repaired or repainted.

Consider the dominant color in your garden. Would you put orange patio furniture against a predominantly blue patio paint and garden plants? Of course you would not. As such, it would be best to look into the predominant color in your home and garden and choose something that will best suit or complement the colors.

Quality. Look for products that bespoke quality. You should invest in quality in order to enjoy your furniture as well as get your money’s worth. Inspect the furniture that you ordered and make sure that you have the information on properly maintaining them.

The patio and the garden no longer serve as just another place or reason to stay indoors. It is also the reason why friends liked staying in your patio and enjoy conversations with you.

Contemporary Window Treatment: Roller Blinds

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roller blindsMost modern offices were designed with large windows overlooking the city. It gives a spectacular view during sunset and helps to save energy with daylight. However, there may be times that the sun may be too bright for an individual. It may hurt the eyes and cause eyestrain, making it difficult to work. As such, the building owners use contemporary window treatments. One of the popular choices is roller blinds, of which have several types:

Holland or Roman Blinds. Holland or Roman blinds are also known as blackout blinds. These blinds are effective in blocking out the natural light coming from the sun and are ideal for office rooms where projector use is common. Some offices use the principle of transparency, however, there are times that meeting with clients and employees need some privacy. As such, the Holland blinds are effective in providing the privacy needed.

Translucent Roller Blinds. These roller blinds are a bit different than Holland blinds in a way that you can still see silhouettes of the individual through the fabric. These types of roller blinds are ideal for office where it may become too distracting to work with a window that has too much people traffic like in banks and government offices. It is also a great addition to office gardens when too much light makes it difficult to work with a computer.

Transparent or Sheer Roller Blinds. You may want to work using the sun’s natural light. However, there is a need to protect furniture and equipment from the heat. These types of blinds will provide enough reduction of heat without affecting the amount of light coming through your window.

Screen or Sheer Roller Blinds. There are times of the day that there is too much light and heat that goes through the window. The sheer roller blinds are effective in reducing the heat and light, yet affording you the benefit of working with the sun’s light. This is ideal for offices that are consciously controlling their energy usage.

If you consider using roller blinds at home, they are commonly offered in MyLocalBlinds shops, both online and through a local store. Once you have decided on the style and variety that you want, window measurements are essential fit custom the roller blinds. Staff usually installs them and will also offer help in teaching you how to properly clean them. You can also avail of roller blinds with different materials. They can come in wood for that tropical ambience as well as fabric in varied colors and designs.

The use of roller blinds in the home and office integrates utility, style and comfort. You solve the problem of window treatment and get the additional benefit of opting for styles and designs that will fit your choice and home design.

It is best that you find local blinds within your locality so that you can easily replace them should mechanical problems occur. Repair and replacement will also be accessible if you get your local blinds from the nearest roller blinds shops.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Modern Fountain Designs

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fountainDon’t you just enjoy hearing a cascading water fountain? The sound of water flowing has a relaxing and soothing effect. Together with the birds and insects that a beautiful hampstead landscaping attracts it creates a soothing music. Indeed, you will find a haven in your home if you have such elements working together in harmony. How did you choose your fountain? Did you consult your hampstead landscape gardeners? Here are several factors to consider in choosing modern fountain designs for your garden:

Style of your garden. If you have landscaped your garden with geometric and linear designs, then you should look for something that is of the same creation. Look for fountains that boast geometric designs like a fountain ball on an elongated rectangular base. Or better yet, have a completely unique fountain by integrating the fountain onto a glass wall cascading towards a solid concrete base.

Colors of the hard and soft elements of your garden. This pertains to both the color of water flowing or the color of where the water flows from. Your choice of color will depend on how it complements the major colors in the garden. For instance, having lavender and violets in your landscape may call for fountains with the hues of blue or anything that is akin to the color of a robin’s egg. If you want the fountain to be the focal point of the garden, then you can use a fountain that is in contrast with the major colors in your garden.

The place where the fountain will be installed. If you are considering a big fountain, there should be enough space where you can install it. It may be inside the wall in your front lawn or an entirely separate piece in the center of your garden. On the other hand, you might want a simple and small one that you can relocate to any part of the house. In this case, you can easily choose a table top fountain.

Amount of maintenance you can afford. When you want a big fountain that will be the focal point of your garden, it will also require sufficient time for maintenance. Determine if you can afford this and consider it with your choice of fountain. There are portable and medium-sized fountains that you can easily clean on a weekly basis. For the fountain to function well and add beauty to your garden, you should be able to clean it if not hire someone to do the cleaning and maintenance.

Additional fixtures on the fountain. Homeowners may want a fountain because of its dramatic effect, especially at night. They may ask to have lights installed surrounding it or at specific parts of the fountain to achieve desired results. Fountains that are ideal for additional lighting fixtures are larger. This may also mean additional costs and maintenance.

Deciding on a much bigger fountain will need careful consideration. If you are still unsure, it is best that you consult local landscapers in your area or better yet, browse the internet. Additional ideas can also be gathered by visiting public gardens with fountains.

Contemporary vs Modern Style

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I recently came upon an article that described and defined the difference between modern and contemporary r design. That perked my interest as being one who had a little formal schooling on design, I may have used the terms I began reading on the topic. Here’s what I gleaned and some pictures to differentiate the two. Tell me what you think later.

Modern Style

Modernism began in the late 1800s! It is quite old as schools of design who embraced modern style was originated by the German Bahaus which exemplified simplicity of design with its clean lines and open floor plans. Eventually, it developed into Mid-century Modern architecture. The style showed more windows, incorporating the outdoors to indoor area, and glass walls. In essence, the design shows simplicity and functionality as it veered away from the decorations of the 19th century.

Popular materials used are wooden floors, plastic furniture, polished metal and bare floors. Colors are used less as the principle is clean look and simplicity.

Contemporary Style

This design has often been confused with modern design. As I understand what may be contemporary now may not be considered as such after 10 years. The idea is that contemporary focuses on the designs NOW. What is popular now. What is used now.  It is changing. It can borrow from modern style but may incorporate colors or curves not used by the modern stylist. Its focus is on sustainability and comfort. So beyond simplicity, contemporary design seeks to bring in comfort and environment friendly aspects. The thing is, 20 years from now, the focus may change and the design will not be what is considered temporary now.



Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design


Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design


Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design